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Why we decided to cancel Kickstarter...

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Why we decided to cancel Kickstarter...


On September 26, 2015, we launched a Kickstarter campaign for STUDIO BUMS® premier print magazine.  With 7 days left, and nearly $7,000 raised, we chose to change course slightly, so we canceled the campaign, and will be funding it ourselves.

STUDIO BUMS® magazine will be the first print publication for Artistpreneurs™.  Our mission is simple: To document music culture in INK.  We’ve noticed that the music scene continues to boom with a new hybrid of artists and entrepreneurs we call Artistpreneurs™, but there’s currently no publication in print that caters to this growing group.  

To fill this void and produce STUDIO BUMS® in print, we’ve spent over a year planning and executing ideas, and ultimately chose to crowd-fund the project on Kickstarter.

STUDIO BUMS® started as a comic strip idea about three friends (Ko Star, Mega, and Jeopardy) who called themselves STUDIO BUMS®.  3D illustration by renowned graffiti/award winning artist, Steve Cas.  

STUDIO BUMS® started as a comic strip idea about three friends (Ko Star, Mega, and Jeopardy) who called themselves STUDIO BUMS®.  3D illustration by renowned graffiti/award winning artist, Steve Cas.  

Why Kickstarter?

We believe that Kickstarter is a strong, notable crowdfunding platform that needed very little explanation of how it works.  In the future, we might utilize Kickstarter or another crowdfunding platform for pre or bulk orders.  

Our Kickstarter video sums up our purpose. You’ll see top music industry folks like Ivan Barias, Carvin Haggins, DJ Toomp, Frank Commentale, Angie Stone, Freedom Lyles, and Ariel Borujow confess to being STUDIO BUMS®.  Check out more STUDIO BUMS® videos here.  

STUDIO BUMS®Kickstarter video

STUDIO BUMS®Kickstarter video

Despite not utilizing a PR firm, we’ve gotten some much-needed press and encouraging emails from some amazing companies and Artistpreneurs™.  Check out STUDIO BUMS®.  We’ve received dozens of encouraging comments and messages about the much-anticipated premier print issue.  The feedback has been extremely positive and inspirational.  

See STUDIO BUMS® Feature in Syracuse NewTimes by Jessica Novak.  

Hear STUDIO BUMS®radio interview with 321 Hip Hop by DJ Tes One & Our Reality

See STUDIO BUMS® Feature in Adweek by Richard Horgan.

Deciding to cancel: 

It was a very difficult decision.  We had invested a lot of time, thought, and preparation in the STUDIO BUMS® project, and occurred expenses right up to the point of launching our campaign.  Although the merchandise will no longer be available through the Kickstarter campaign, we are committed to providing most of the merchandise listed during the campaign on our website (  

Delivering quality merchandise is of the utmost importance to us.  

We appreciate all the public support from Kickstarter.  Printing the magazine has not been canceled, but we are changing our focus and giving you, the consumer, the opportunity to place a pre-order.  

As with any start-up venture, STUDIO BUMS® has many moving parts, and we still experience a lot of trial-and-error when establishing that trusted list of vendors who are aligned with us in terms of quality, dependability, and turnaround time.

We have definitely learned that you can never do enough research on finding the best partners for the project. Do your research and ask for testimonials. Use the internet to find reviews on a company with which you’re contemplating doing business.

Don’t take people’s word at face-value. Do your due diligence so that you can make the best decision for the growth of your business. Make sure to have both parties’ terms outlined and signed — on paper.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link.  It takes time to find great partners who understand your business goals.   

STUDIO BUMS®Special Edition magazine logo box.

STUDIO BUMS®Special Edition magazine logo box.

FULL Speed Ahead to launch: 

We will be producing the first print publication for Artistpreneurs™. In addition to the feedback, validation, and interest, this slight change in course has presented us with opportunities that have allowed us to acquire some established partners for our publication.  

Check our website for news and updates regarding the premier print issue of STUDIO BUMS®.